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Problems updating images

Updating from a 3.10.2-trunk image the following problems happened:

1st: Multilingual-ar.44 - it gets stuck while "downloading unicode data"
until there's a connection failure. Download failed...

    "Unicode initializeCompositionMappings"
    | stream |
    Compositions := IdentityDictionary new.
    Decompositions := IdentityDictionary new.
    UIManager default informUserDuring:[:bar|
        bar value: 'Downloading Unicode data'.
        stream := HTTPClient httpGet:
        (stream isKindOf: RWBinaryOrTextStream) ifFalse:[^self error:
'Download failed'].
        stream reset.
        bar value: 'Updating Composition Mappings'.
        self parseCompositionMappingFrom: stream.

error: aString
    "Throw a generic Error exception."

    ^Error new signal: aString

Pressing proceed at debugger, it proceeds !!! (fail to connect to

2nd: Morph-laza.180

label: shortDescription min: minValue max: maxValue
    | slot range newBarSize barSize lastRefresh |
    ((range := maxValue - minValue) <= 0 or: [(slot := self nextSlotFor:
shortDescription) = 0])
        ifTrue: [^[:barVal| 0 ]].
    self openInWorld.
    self align: self fullBounds center with: Display boundingBox center.
    barSize := -1. "Enforces a inital draw of the morph"
    lastRefresh := 0.
    ^[:barVal |
        (barVal between: minValue and: maxValue) ifTrue: [
            newBarSize := (barVal - minValue / range * BarWidth) truncated.
            newBarSize = barSize ifFalse: [
                barSize := newBarSize.
                (bars at: slot) barSize: barSize.
                Time primMillisecondClock - lastRefresh > 25 ifTrue: [
                    self currentWorld displayWorld.
                    lastRefresh := Time primMillisecondClock]]].

doesNotUnderstand: #between:and:
doesNotUnderstand: aMessage
     "Handle the fact that there was an attempt to send the given
      message to the receiver but the receiver does not understand
      this message (typically sent from the machine when a message
     is sent to the receiver and no method is defined for that selector)."

    "Testing: (3 activeProcess)"

    | exception resumeValue |
    (Preferences autoAccessors
     and: [self tryToDefineVariableAccess: aMessage]) ifTrue:
        [^aMessage sentTo: self].

    (exception := MessageNotUnderstood new)
        message: aMessage;
        receiver: self.
    resumeValue := exception signal.
    ^exception reachedDefaultHandler
        ifTrue: [aMessage sentTo: self]
        ifFalse: [resumeValue]

Here it won't proceed. So: abort.
When 'load updates' button is pressed again... it passes.


3rd: Monticello-ar.323(321)
Downloading but gets stuck while writing definitions. squeak sucks
pretty much of CPU

Tasks: 206 total,   3 running, 203 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie
Cpu0  : 75.7%us, 13.1%sy,  0.0%ni,  1.3%id,  8.2%wa,  1.0%hi,  0.7%si,
Cpu1  : 84.2%us, 10.9%sy,  0.0%ni,  1.6%id,  3.3%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.0%si,
Mem:   2062460k total,  1984644k used,    77816k free,   115496k buffers
Swap:  4192884k total,     1360k used,  4191524k free,  1185444k cached


10181 casimiro  20   0 1048m  44m 2732 R 80.7  2.2  10:55.52

This time it'll stop under <ctrl>+<.>
If update is subsequently pressed it will try to load Monticello from
cache (even if it was deleted from cache) and squeak will get stuck again.

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