Problems with multiple projectlinks

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Problems with multiple projectlinks


Well, I tried to implement serveral TWindows containing projectlinks, webbrowsers, ...

But only the TWindow last added to the space shows contents. The other TWindows seem to be empty.
I had it going for a while, but now after the updates something is wrong.

Here's an example for on TWindow:

makeProjectLink: aSpace
        | win1 win2 project1 project2 |

   project1 := TEmbeddedApp name: #TMorphicWorld extent: 1024@768
                data: {#makeProjectLink: .'Programming Tools'}.
     win1 := TWindow new.
        win1 translationX: 18 y: 5.0 z: -10.0.
     win1 extent: 20.
        win1 contents: project1.
        win1 openContents.

  aSpace addChild: win1.

   project2 := self makeMorphic: (MessageSend
                receiver: MorphicWorldHost
                selector: #makeProjectLink:extent:from:
                argument: 'RotationCube')
                        extent: 1024@768.

        win2 := TWindow new.
        win2 translationX: 8 y: 0.0 z: -20.0.
        win2 contents: project2.
        win2 openContents.

     aSpace addChild: win2.

Well, maybe some of you guys have an idea?!