Progress Report -> Refactoring Project - ( February 17 - 19 )

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Progress Report -> Refactoring Project - ( February 17 - 19 )

Hi all ,

Last week I did these tasks:

- Fix issues (#6366 #8513),with the objective to "rename method refactoring" only in specific packages (
- Improve extract setup refactoring, now we can convert temporaries to inst variables, when these are used after the extracted code(
- Improve some warning messages (
- Improve "convert temporary to instance variable refactoring", but this is in progress yet (Issue

Tasks for this week:

- Finish to improve convert temp to inst var refactoring
- Improve messages of issues: Incorrect message in Refactor push up with super sends #2656 , Deleting a class with references gives extra "Do you want to delete anyway" msg #2586
- Fix move to component refactoring issue
- Fix Inline senders refactoring issue (
- Continue improving extract setUp method refactoring.
- Fix issue RB*Change should not shortcut the factory. #3176, to use RB*Change factory.
- Add support of traits and slots to model refactoring (


Evelyn C.