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Progress Report -> Refactoring Project - ( March 15 - 19 )

Hello all,

Last week I did these tasks:

- Fix issue:  "Remove Senders Of Method" refactoring. This refactoring can be useful when it is necessary to remove method's senders before eliminating it, in order not to leave corrupted code, its main function is remove all those senders whose result is not used directly. For more details check the PR comments.
- Fix issue: "Improve extract method refactoring". Now works with pillar example described in the issue #8786
- Fix issue: "Rename vars of traits users". With the new update this refactoring now renames the instance variables written and read from the trait and its users. At the moment this refactoring correctly renames those references where the variable is read or written, for example if we have the following examples:
MyClass >> msg1
       var1 asString

MyClass >> msg2
the variable #var1 of #msg1 will be renamed but the instVar of #msg2 will no.
- Start to add the use of scopes when we use a refactoring, to change the environment when we apply the transformation.

Tasks for this week:
- Finish scopes in refactorings.
- Add previews for refactoring, using a scope's selector to apply the refactoring.
- Improve extract setUp method refactoring.


Evelyn C.