Progress report on CMakeVMMaker for Squeak

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Progress report on CMakeVMMaker for Squeak

Hi All.

My work plan is to get a StackInterpreter running on Linux32 then Cog then the various permutations of Cog (MT, etc)

I took a lazy day getting sources generated for SqueakStackVM and will be working on the 'generate' thing tomorrow. Hopefully I have some CMakeLists.text in place tomorrow.

      SqueakStackUnixConfig new
      " internalPlugins: CMakePluginsArrayFactory minimalInternalPlugins;"
      internalPlugins: CMakePluginsArrayFactory unix32DefaultInternalPlugins;
      externalPlugins: CMakePluginsArrayFactory unix32DefaultExternalPlugins;
      generateSources;                   <---------GOT THROUGH HERE TODAY.
      generate.                               <---------I AM HERE TOMORROW.



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