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Project version (Moose, DSM, RPackage, Glamour, SmallDude)


I think I reached a first milestone in my quest to have consistent and traceable version in Moose. Version 4.3.3 is now defined.

I produced the versions:
- DSM 2.1
- RPackage 1.0
- Glamour 2.1
- SmallDude 2.1

I created version 4.3.2. and 4.3.3 of Moose.
- 4.3.2 uses the 'default' version of SmallDude. It is not necessary, but it helped me to track down some problem.
- 4.3.3 does not depend on any baseline. This is an important step since it means that we should be able to load 4.3.3 of Moose in 10 years from now, and so, whatsoever you will commit in the dependent packages.

So, at the next commit of any packages, I will produce version 4.3.4 and so on.

The configurations were full of problems (e.g., PetitJava that does not require PetitParser for example). This means that the validator of Metacello seriously needs to be improved. It took me some time to identify and fix all this.

I worked with Pharo1.2OneClick image. I haven't tried with Core.

Now, the question is, should we create a hudson project to try the stable version? To make my life simpler, I always assign the last version as the stable version. I hope this is ok with you.

Comments are welcome

Alexandre Bergel

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