Public Tip Jar created for Lively Kernel at Propster

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Public Tip Jar created for Lively Kernel at Propster


I have been following Lively-Kernel project for several years and
really like what you are doing. I have created a public tip jar for
you, at Propster:

About Propster: It is a website where anyone can start a tip jar for
any project that they like, and invite their friends to contribute to
it.  Only the true owner of that project will be able to access the
collected balance.  To access the balance, the true owner of the
project must claim the tip jar, by following the claim link on the tip
jar page.

As well, when this tip jar collects $5 in value, Propster will take
action deliver it to Lively-Kernel project.

How is Propster different from a a Paypal Donate button ? Propster is
oriented for micropayments, and single-click donations.  It allows the
tipper to have all tip jars in one place. Finally, Propster supports
not only USD, but also Bitcoin.

No action from you is necessary at this point, just giving you a heads
up that such a tip jar now exists.

Creator of Propster.
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