QCMagritte: (Bug?) Groups always collapsed

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QCMagritte: (Bug?) Groups always collapsed

Udo Schneider

I think I hit a bug in QCMagritte. If you have groups (or objects
embedded via MAToOneRelation) theses are rendered as collapsed groups by
default. However it is not possible to uncollapse them.

This is IMHO due to a bug in MAContainer>>#isCollapsed:. As far as I
read the code in #isCollapsed:/#setCollapsed:for: and #defaultCollapsed
groups, it's not possible to un-collapse groups because neither
#setCollapsed:for: nor #isCollapsed: *sets* the property. Both use
#at:ifAbsent:. Changing #isCollapsed: to use #at:ifAbsentPut: seems to
solve the issue:

isGroupCollapsed: aGroup
        ^ (self propertyAt: #collapsedGroups ifAbsentPut: [ self
defaultCollapsedGroups ])
                includes: aGroup



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