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Question about Linux Performance

Jeremy L.
I'm using Etoys 5 in Linux, doing some testing, and am actually impressed with the performance except for one minor quibble and am curious if there's a way to mitigate it with a change to a value in a class or a change in the linux environment and am not even sure where to begin looking nor what to look for.

Basically, graphical performance/frame rate, whether in 'higherPerformance' or not will go about half the speed unless the mouse or keyboard are actively giving input into Etoys.  I.e. setting a box to move around the screen at 50ticks will move at 25 or less if there is no active input from the mouse, but as soon as the mouse starts moving, then the speed increases.  This is verified using the Frame Rate Counter object.  Even in high performance, it will drop down to 25fps when input is idle and pop up to 200fps when the mouse is moving.  

Thanks for any help with this, I'm hoping there's some setting in or out of etoys to just get a more steady feedback loop that doesn't depend on the input being active.

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