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Question about tutorial

Parodi Elisabetta

Dear Croquet-Dev,

  I’ve seen the tutorial at:

it’s very interesting and detailed, it’s great! The part to which I’m nost interested is the lesson:


Blender Basic Lessons TOC



Unfortunately it is not complete.. Could you please help me to understand:


- how it is possible to create the 3D “panels” containing informations


- what else 3D panels can do


- which is the effort required to develop custom 3D objects with “custom” behaviour, for example:

   A panel shows a picture, when the user clicks on it it shows “information” (doc/pdf,etc…) – or if this is already available


- if “putting a new object” into the world requires programming, or it could be done via a graphical interface by a not-programmer user.


Thanks in Advance,

Best Regards,