Questions for Immersive Education speakers or panelists? (Boston Summit this weekend)

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Questions for Immersive Education speakers or panelists? (Boston Summit this weekend)

Aaron E. Walsh
Hi all,

If you have a question that you'd like to ask a speaker or panelist at the
Summit this weekend please do feel free to send it to us now (in advance of the
Summit) using the following contact page. Just enter it in the "message" area;
your own contact info is optional, of course:

The following site lists the speakers/topics and panels at the Summit this weekend:
     (or for the full announcement)

Below, for example, are a few of the questions that are being asked during the

Q - "What's the difference between a video game, a
      learning game, and virtual world?"

Q -  "Is the term 'game' really something we should be
       using? Does 'game' convey something specific, and
       potentially negative, to educators?"

Q - "Is there any proof that video games can be useful
      as learning tools? Are there any credible studies,
      or are we just assuming they can be useful for education?"?

Following is a partial list of the presentations, panel discussions and
workshops scheduled for the Summit. Visit for a
complete schedule of events and to register for the Summit:

    * Enabling the Age of Immersive Education
    * Virtual Worlds for Insurrection and Revolution in Education
    * School 2.0 and Immersive Education
    * K-12: Challenges and Rewards of Immersive Education
    * Game-changing Immersive Education Paradigms
    * Second Life, Croquet and Wonderland as Immersive Education Platforms
    * Building the Education Grid: By Educators for Educators
    * Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll: Video Games as Learning Tools?!
    * HELP! Communities of Support for Teachers, Students and Families
    * From User to Creator: Building as a Tool of Empowerment
    * Pedagogy, Assessment, and Learning Outcomes
    * Beautiful and Brainy: The Future of Immersive Education
    * Eye Candy: State of the Art Virtual Worlds and Video Games
    * Learning Games for K-12
    * Avatar Party and Mixed-Reality Magic Show


Boston College:
Media Grid:
Immersive Education:
Personal page: