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Quick release 0.22.1

Herby Vojčík

I made just a quick release 0.22.1 over previous bigger 0.22.0.

The only change is addition of useful selector #provided, to be used
when JS functions work as a namespaces as well.

Normally, to call JS


you would do ST

   require resolve: 'package.json'

but since require is a BlockClosure and not a proxy to JS object, this
fails. Ugly workaround included

   (require basicAt: #resolve) value: 'package.json'


   (JSObjectProxy on: require) resolve: 'package.json'

The latter is now present as a selector #provided, so you can do

   require provided resolve: 'package.json'.


P.S.: To get to wrapped JS constructors, as in case of `Number.EPSILON`,
#provided was also added to Class and forwards to constructor function
so you can `Number provided EPSILON`.

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