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RE: New CroquetSource Monticello Repository

Bullard, Claude L (Len)
Thank you. David.   I'm pleased to see the VRML import because it is the
best deal for the content builders in terms of open and IP free.   VRML
taught us the 3D content is expensive to build and expensive to own.
Rehostability when a client/server vendor or server support source
vanishes is critical.

I'll go back to lurk.  The Croquet demos are very impressive, BTW.  This
community's work is top flight.  Thanks!


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Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:
>I'm a lurker here, but will that be a VRML97 loader or an X3D
>loader (Classic VRML or XML encoding)?
At this point, it's a VRML97 (Classic VRML) importer.  There is some XML
support in the Croquet SDK beta, but I don't think it has been applied
to 3D model import/export.