RTForceBasedLayout without overlapping arbitrary shapes

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RTForceBasedLayout without overlapping arbitrary shapes


Here's an example code using RTForceBasedLayout (from an example on this list a while back):


view := RTView new.
objects := RTObject withAllSubclasses.
elements := (RTBox new size: #numberOfMethods; color: (Color blue alpha: 0.5)) elementsOn: objects.
elements @ RTPopup new.
view addAll: elements.

RTForceBasedLayout on: elements.
view @ RTDraggableView .
view open


It produces:

Inline image 1

Is it possible to have the RTForceBasedLayout such that the result has no overlapping boxes (or rectangles)? I realize setting force: to some large negative number will help, but it's not ideal because it creates a lot of empty space.

In d3 (with SVG) there are a couple of examples of what I'd like to achieve (although they don't show edges): 

https://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/3231298 (arbitrary circles that stick to each other)

The animation isn't important in my case. I wasn't sure where/how to apply the transform operation after a layout has been done in RTForceBasedLayout. Any hints?

Here's what my graph looks like: 
Inline image 2
The code I have to produce this is too much to post, so I used the example at the top. My code also uses 

    RTForceBasedLayout new charge: -1000; on: b elements.


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