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Hi Guille.

It's a good news to see the community is moving forward.

What would be the impact on Pharo catalog ? The instruction still advise to upload information to smalltalkhub:
Will it be deprecated as well ?


Apr. 3, 2020, 05:55 by [hidden email]:

SmalltalkHub Deprecation Notice

SmalltalkHub is now getting old and it is time to deprecate it. We plan to replace it by a static file server during 2020. The public data will still be readable and consumable from monticello clients, but modifications will not be allowed in the near future. SmalltalkHub users should move their projects to git repositories or other monticello repository services.

What is changing?

If you currently host a project in SmalltalkHub, you should migrate your projects to another platform as soon as possible. If you depend on a project hosted on SmalltalkHub, you should contact the owner of that project to schedule a migration.
If you have documentation or tutorials using SmalltalkHub, we recommend to update those after a migration.
An archive of all public projects in SmalltalkHub will be made available in read-only mode. This archive will be readable through monticello clients for compatibility reasons.
Private projects, due to privacy reasons, will not be published in the public archive and will be removed to protect their owners.

Why are RMoD and Inria making this change?

SmalltalkHub has finished its cycle. The arrival of git integration in the past years caused the move of most users in the Pharo community to git hosting services. They now use exclusively other platforms. Furthermore, RMoD and Inria lack the manpower to properly maintain the SmalltalkHub service and keep it up to date. Smalltalkhub has no added value compared to other code source hosting platforms.

How much time do I have to adapt to this change?

The SmalltalkHub deprecation will follow the next timetable:
  • Monday 04 of may 2020: SmalltalkHub will be read-only. Creation of new users and projects will be forbidden. New commits will be rejected. All existing users, projects (public and private) and their commits will remain available and visible, but their settings will become read-only.
  • Monday 02 of november 2020: SmalltalkHub will be migrated to a static file server archive. Private projects and their commits will not be available anymore.

The RMoD team and Inria plan to keep the static file server alive for, at least, 5 years from the date of its creation.

What will happen if I do nothing?

Your public projects will become read-only and you will not be able to commit anymore.
Your private projects will become unavailable.

What alternatives do I have?

Those wanting to keep using monticello can migrate their projects to other monticello hostings such as or

Those wanting to migrate to git, Peter Uhnak’s git migration tool ( automates monticello to git migration in tonel format.

Guille on behalf of the RMoD team