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Re: Aida Digest, Vol 44, Issue 2 Installed without a hitch..


Hi Herbert,

I did as you suggested and Aida installed without a problem. Thanks a lot.


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Hi Ching,

CdlS> I did not use Monticello to do the install since I don't know how to use it
CdlS> but I will try to learn how it works in the meantime.

as far as I remember, using Monticello is necessary at least in trunk.

Make a folder package-cache in your Squeak folder and copy the MCZ

Open the Monticello browser, it should use that folder by default.
You' ll find that folder in the right half of the MC browser. select
it, press the 'open' button. Another browser opens showing the
packages. Select the packages in and press load.

As an alternative in the MC browser select '+repository', select
'directory', choose the folder with your mcz files and proceed as



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