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Sean P. DeNigris
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Please let me know how it is going
I’m at the point where I seem to have a basic understanding of the library and I’m ready to integrate into an app I’m writing. Here are a few questions, which I put into an issue [1] to fold back into the docs when the conversation is “complete"

Repository Access

The following code seems problematic:

ASRepository class>>#repositoryNamed: aString
	^ self allInstances detect:

Isn't it possible that a rogue instance could be returned instead of the one that's part of the model? For example, some persistence libraries like SimpleImagePersistence replace segments of the object graph and might have the old and new copy present during a load.

Where do Check Points Live?

In the IGEVET app, it seems that each session hasA checkPoint which hasA repository. Is this the way you’d recommend using AS in a real app? It seems that the default repository implementation loads the whole user DB from disk via Fuel, so wouldn’t that happen for each session?!