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Andy Burnett
Hernán wrote
Hi Andy,

You may try which is
a fork of the Avi's CSV parser I did to support additional protocol.
If you like fix or include some features, I can add you as project
developer. You may specify what's your particular case/issue with the
parser so other people can help you.

Thanks Hernán
That's great. I will switch over to using your package immediately.  However, I am still not clear how one submits bug fixes and enhancements to Squeak packages. 

One of the questions that Randal asks on his FLOSS show is "how can people contribute to the projects", and usually there is some sort of process.  At a very simple level, I would like to understand the mechanics of how I can help to improve packages.  Now, it might be as simple as emailing the package owner and saying "hey, I found a bug, and this is how I fixed it" and leaving it at that, but there may be a more sophisticated way of doing it via monticello etc.  Ideally, I would like to avoid creating forks, because - on my experience - it makes it harder for people to find things.  For example, I searched for CSV, but didn't find your package.

I wonder if it would be possible to create a 'star' rating system, a bit like the reviews on Amazon, to help people find the packages that are highly regarded?


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