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Re: Blind guess about IBM's (inter?)metaverse(thanks again)

Paul Sheldon-2
Didn't get a long sleep after a long walk studying dancing on my iPhone because I wanted to get up early and read the pdf I e mailed myself from Florent THIERY on my iPhone.

In the early morning, it is good to journal and compose ideas that might, in the long term, contribute to organized thinking as "nabble becomes self aware". Florent has given me food for thought.

I got some taxing of my iPhone, where having sped read to high page it jumped back to page 1 without my knowing what the gesture was.

There is no goto page in pdf reader, so I got a bit of thumbitus.

I don't know if I can figure out what that gesture was, maybe I'm out of memory start again self gesture.

I'm afraid it decided to jump on its own.

It only so decided once; I may, at worst, learn from it to be a great "thumb dancer" and get very strong legs and thumb.


Gatech are the same guys who put together a bunch of macs into a supercomputer, so they put together different sorts of beasts.

google alerts eh:
I gotta figure out what will be my question, wow.

p23 I had been intrigued in a podcast of Andrew Hamilton's "Inside Black Holes". He too married gaming and supercomputers. p23 finally hit me, these supercomputers aren't going to interact with beaurocrats and government agencies with large capital bases, but me on the web and on my TV.

I had written to Andrew Hamilton about guys in canada selling a video game started in academia, so I might get to play around flying inside black holes with a play station 3 connected to an internet supercomputer.

p17 spoke of multicore realtime raytracing which is going to replace openGL's using polygons according to the sci am article I cited (google nabble "VR roundoff error---multicore raytracing").

p12 supercomputers powered by game chips : I like tails wagging dogs!


p16 interactive terrain rendering engine reminded me of West Texas Star Party Prude Ranch mars fly through.

p21 mention of Newton-Krylov algorithm made me feel a bit "left out" from that old feeling that algorithms was a "weeding course" deciding whether you had the right stuff for computer science to go on in graduate school in it. I may have written how getting my degree got rid of those "left out" feelings so entrenched during the process of getting it and I could merrily read Fraser on mutual information algorithm. Mathematica, like a play station 3, can be a supercomputer front end and does Oliger adaptive meshes, so evidently, it is not out of my price bracket to talk to these algorithm guys even if I aren't one of them or maybe it is irrelevant whether I am one of them or not if they talk with me and we have a good time.


Thanks for continuing renewed perspectives.