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Hans N Beck

Am 10.02.2006 um 14:59 schrieb David Faught:

> Nick Hemsley wrote:
>> A couple of screenies of the class heirarchy viewer. I will  
>> probably put it
>> on squeaksource soon. But I would like to get information on the  
>> classes
>> actually visible in the croquet space first. The only thing that  
>> would work
>> for this would seem to be a TWindow with a text morph inside it,  
>> as per the
>> fish space in the Teapot demo? Floating 3d text would be nice, but  
>> that's
>> for another day.
>> So it works per se. Useful? Maybe in a future incarnation down the  
>> road.
> It would be an interesting experiment to use a 3D graph heirarchy
> layout like this as an alternative to the scrolly Navigator stuff at
> the bottom of the Croquet screen, don't you think?  I think that the
> Navigator was a kind of cool experiment itself, but it's a bit slow to
> be really useful.  Adding mouseover TBillboard text, kind of like
> balloon help, to your viewer would be cool, but it might be faster for
> a Navigator alternative to have small but visible clues, or signposts,
> always there.  What do you think?

what's about to using the Annotation framework (and then have the  
ability to annotate the node symbol/object with another, code  
visualizing object which can be more than TWindow) ?
But I don't know what this means for speed. II will use this for my  
Requirement (Structure) Visualizer, but I'm not far enough in coding  
to have relevant experiences yet....

Other possibility would be to use the filter portal. Assume that a  
given filter shows the graph by includes, by inheritance, by  
language......... or the filter shows the graph according to the UML  
like views (classes, actions, packages....)
default view (without filter) would be something like package view or  
(for non smalltalk) file names and for smalltalk Packages. Or what  
ever :-)