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Re:Croquet crashing intermittently under WinXP

Jeff McNeill
Hi croquet-users,

I cross-posted this issue over to croquet (the developer list) and got a response which helped me out. Here is the transcript, in case you are not on the other list.

Hi Brad,

Thank you for your post!

I have checked, and there is not OpenGL Threading option in the cavernous nvidia control panel.

However, based on the clues you gave, I added the following reg key and (cross my fingers) the thing hasn't crashed in the last 5 mins...


(For others, just swap the GUID {...}  above with the one in your registry, no need reboot)

I will report back if this is an overzealous post, but things do look promising.

If I understand the issue properly, the new Nvidia drivers are optimized for duo core systems (when present), but the application Croquet is not, so there is a need to force the app to use the Ogl as if there was a single core processor on the computer.


Jeff McNeill

On 9/14/06, Brad Fowlow <[hidden email]> wrote:
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A possibility...

I don't know if this is present for the 7300LE,
but with some cards and the latest nVidia driver control panel
there is a check mark deep in the Advanced View/3D Settings
OpenGL Threading
which you could try turning off.    

(On some cards, the flag is absent.  On a 7800GT I used,
I had to revert to the previous archived nVidia driver (8?.??
rather than 91.xx or 93.xx).     

Good luck,


On 9/12/06, Jeff McNeill <[hidden email]> wrote:

I have intermittent crashing of the VM under WinXP. Honestly, do not know the cause as sometimes croquet works fine for the amount of time I am in it. The crash log entries all look the same, such as below. I have updated the latest NVidia drivers and still crashes, so I don't believe it is an OpenGL thing. No entries are made in the WinXP Event Log, so it is only internal to the Croquet app. Any help or pointers are appreciated.

Crashing can occur right when I launch a Demo Master in Croquet, or after I have entered a world and am hopping around it. Reboots do not seem to fix the problem, though oddly the worlds will load fine once in a while...

This box is very solid otherwise and is stable and able to run apps such as Second Life, Entropia Universe, ActiveWorlds, Qavimator, DazStudio, and all the regular 2d stuff.

Hardware: Dell XPS 400, intel Duo 3ghz, 1gb ram, NVidia 512mb 7300LE, w/latest NVidia drivers.

Crash log:
Tue Sep 12 08:45:36 2006

Exception code: C00000FD
Exception addr: 699283C7
EAX:00000180    EBX:00000120    ECX:01E72770    EDX:00000002
ESI:00000083    EDI:01ED7100    EBP:01841A80    ESP:01E8B768
EIP:699283C7    EFL:00010202
FP Control: FFFF027F
FP Status:  FFFF0020
VM Version: Croquet 1.0.4 (release) from Apr 19 2006
Compiler: gcc 2.95.2 19991024 (release)

Current byte code: 143
Primitive index: 120

Loaded plugins:
    B3DAcceleratorPlugin 19 April 2006 (i)
    BMPReadWriterPlugin 19 April 2006 (i)
    SocketPlugin 19 April 2006 (i)
    SqueakFFIPrims 19 April 2006 (e)
    ZipPlugin 19 April 2006 (i)
    DSAPrims 19 April 2006 (i)
    CroquetPlugin 19 April 2006 (i)
    JPEGReadWriter2Plugin 19 April 2006 (i)
    LargeIntegers v1.5 19 April 2006 (i)
    B2DPlugin 19 April 2006 (i)
    Matrix2x3Plugin 19 April 2006 (i)
    FloatArrayPlugin 19 April 2006 (i)
    BitBltPlugin 19 April 2006 (i)
    FloatMathPlugin 19 April 2006 (i)
    SecurityPlugin 19 April 2006 (i)
    FilePlugin 19 April 2006 (i)
    MiscPrimitivePlugin 19 April 2006 (i)

Jeff McNeill

Jeff McNeill