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Re: Croquet on FreeBSD?

Howard Stearns
FWIW, I got this working enough to meet my needs - which do not  
include either sound or rendering! I just run routers and a harness.

I don't know enough to say which of what I did made a difference, but  
here's what I did:

1. I added the following ports mentioned by Takeshi-san: emulators/
linux_base8, x11/linux-XFree86libs, graphics/linux-dri, audio/linux-
openal. However, I do not think I made use of the last two.

2. I grabbed 
Squeak-3.sources.tar.gz, and configured using the directions in  
section 1.1 of

3. UnixOSProcessPugin died during make, so I removed it from the list  
in ../platforms/unix/src/plugins.ext. Then make and make install both  
worked. (Thanks for the help, Josh!)

4. The resulting squeak worked ok under X11, and it works headless:
   - A few of the Croquet tests don't work. In particular:
       - the socket reuse test, which allows the same system to be  
both router and participant without using the backdoor. This was ok  
for me because I use the backdoor when I do that.
       - ffi. That hasn't bothered me so far, because I'm running the  
router and a naked harness - no rendering. However, I had to trap the  
failing initialization of OpenAL and use a DummyOpenAL object that  
answers doesNotUnderstand:, ifNotNilDo:, isCurrent, and isPlaying:.
   - I was actually running this over VNC, which I had also installed  
onto the operating system. VNC doesn't tend to support OpenGL, so  
there was little hope of ever seeing Croquet Morphs running.)

So the conclusion is that FreeBSD, as the unix VM source is now, was  
ok for running an "interactivity server", but not for being a normal  
graphical Croquet display.

On Jul 29, 2006, at 9:32 PM, Takeshi MUTOH wrote:

> Sorry, my reply is too late.
> I check new version of linux emulation based on Fedora Core 4.
> First, you can use Croquet with linuxlator or wine, but it isn't
> recommended. OpenGL acceleration using DRI can't work these  
> situations.
> If you can use FreeBSD native VM, it's good for performance.
> And if you want to use linux-vm, you had better using under linux-
> OSes.
> At Fri, 28 Jul 2006 21:57:43 -0500,
> Howard Stearns <[hidden email]> wrote:
>> I was not able to translate your presentation, but do I understand
>> you correctly that the following are the main points for Croquet?
>> (I'm not an expert on FreeBSD, nor Linux.):
>> * FreeBSD on i386 hardware can run Linux binaries when the
>> appropriate additional Free BSD "ports" are installed. For Croquet,
>> these include: emulators/linux_base8, x11/linux-XFree86libs,  
>> graphics/
>> linux-dri, audio/linux-openal.
> I update Croquet under linuxlator for current default linux emulator
> based on Fedora Core 4.
> Please see .
> # Sorry about broken English.
>> (For a headless Croquet, the later
>> three might not be needed.)
> I'm sorry but I don't try headless Croquet.
> So I don't know only linux_base-fc4 is needed.
>> With these, the standard Linux VM that
>> comes with Croquet should work (which is version 3.9-4).
> Yes, detailed version is below.
> surudoi [ squeak/images/Croquet_SDK_1.0_beta ] % bin/i686-pc-linux-
> gnu/squeak -version
> 3.9-4 #1 Wed Apr 19 00:48:37 PDT 2006 gcc 3.3.5
> Squeak3.9alpha of 4 July 2005 [latest update: #7021]
> Linux 2.4.20-021stab028.18.777-enterprise #1 SMP Wed
> Sep 14 19:34:46 MSD 2005 i686 GNU/Linux
> default plugin location: /usr/local/lib/squeak/3.9-4/*.so
>> * The latest Squeak Unix VM, 3.9-7, can also be recompiled directly
>> on Free BSD, but it helps to have improvements that you've made
>> (e.g., to FFI). These are available at your
>> squeak/VM_en.html page. (OpenAL may require some additional changes.)
> Currently, FreeBSD ports' lang/squeak includes better FFI support, but
> vm version is too old (3.6-4).
> Now I am working on improvement FreeBSD ports lang/squeak, but 3.9-7
> vm is not stable now. So I can't import this version of vm at FreeBSD
> ports.
> # Does anyone want lang/squeak-dev port ;-)?
> And, OpenAL is need some patch with native vm.
> Thanks.