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Re:Croquet vs Other remote desktop sharing applications

So colloboration with existing media is an extension to primary goal of facilitating simulation mechanism through replication environment.

Going further, i understand that there is embedded application framework provided by Wisconsin libraries of Croquet. This is based on RFB/VNC protocol. But why does the programmer has to laboriously go through this mechanism to populate the islands(Non Croquet) inside Croquet, when he could as well do that directly through VNC channel independently.  What additional advanatages one would gain by populating within Croquet.
Infact why cant we complement Croquet with existing RDP based applications for remote sharing.
Added to that, Croquet scalability beyond subnet/LAN/WAN..which is not yet tested/reliable for business applications..Added to that RDP is a better protocol compared to RFB for performance reasons beyond LAN...How do we bank upon them for enterprise applications network connectivity...

Also there is a lot of graphic resoucrces needed..So how do we manage low end desktops..thats where RDS can pitch to mitigate the need for high end systems...thereby reducing the deployment costs...

Appreciate your feedbacks to know better..Thanks