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Hi David,

I get the overall idea of the deep collaboration and I think the vision is great, but do you mind opening a bit about the definition of some of these terms -

What does it means to collaborate in terms of Croquet?  I would think that there are many ways to collaborate, but typically will revolve around problem solving. If that is the case, is the "guarantee that any objects and simulations in the environment are  identical for all the users of this space" is the answer?  How do we allow people to come up with unique solutions which they will then share with the group?  It makes sense to me that there is a common denominator as a start but I don't yet see how the system takes into account a unique personal point-of-view (which is more that a camera pov)? Don't we want to duplicate computation only to the point that we can get different outcomes? And how do we select/converge unique solutions?

Obviously in croquet 3d simulation is a big player. When it comes to 3d simulation, speed is very important. people want to see "it" in real-time. Real-time rendering becomes a big issue.  In some cases we have already managed to render a single character with 9 million hair/fur fibers at 24 frames per seconds! How can we achieve something like this in P2P? Are we saying that a node in the P2P could also be a multi-core servers farm?