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Re:Croquet vs Other remote desktop sharing applications

Thanks so much for all your feedbacks..

To list out the questions as requested by Howard..
Here they are..

1. For legacy applications, why do we need to go through RFB channel in Croquet rather than doing it independently through RDP/VNC?
1(a) Assume that one requirement is the need to talk to some desktop application/Web based enterprise applications/SAP.
We dont want to write it allover again in Squeak. We would look at integrating them with Croquet environment. The approcah would be to develop TPortal to these application..and interacting with them through embedded application frameworks( Scamper/Wiscosin open source browsers like firefox) thereby populating them in Croquet environment. Is this the approach correct..
If that above scenario is correct, what i am doing is to divert the colloboration through Croquet's RFB channel..what benefits do i get by doing so?
1(b) Is there any selective customization per user to see what he wants (not everything) in Croquet? Do we have to write login screen per TPortal?
2. How scalable is Croquet beyond LAN when compared to other existing RDS colloborations?
3. How do we manage colloboration with low end system, as Croquet places a huge need on graphic resources?
4. What are the network bandwith requirements? Do we have any compression technology in place to reduce the network load?