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Re: Deloying on Windwos IIS

Herby Vojčík
On 8. 6. 2019 17:52, RichardR wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've upgraded my Amber app to version 0.23.

There's 0.24.0 out there already.

> Ik works fine on the local filesystem and through the amber web server.
> It also used to work on Windows 10 IIS, just serving the .js files.
> I would copy the entire development folder to IIS and would also be able
> to start up the classic IDE.
> Being able to start the IDE is an essential requirement, for education.
> .
> But now, when starting on IIS, some somewhere deep in 'amber
> initialize', somthing failes and my application is never started.
> That's probably because it thinks it's running on an amber web server
> when it's not.

It does not matter whether IIS or not, any server goes _to load the files_.

To save the files, PUT requests must save the files in the underlying
store, which is only thing which `amber serve` really adds to stock
servers (ranging from IIS to just `python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000`

"Something fails" is too broad. Do you have any details about the error
(browser JS console should allow you to see the errors / expand the
stack / click on it to show where it failed in source)?


> Does anyone know how to make it work?
Actually, on the website ( there is only legacy IDE, no
helios. But it is deployed in development mode there (and served with
nginx so no saving), and it loads fine. Same for "interactive tutorial"

> Cheers,
> Richard


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