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Stephen Travis Pope

Hi again,

I'm sorry to be so slow; I finally up-loaded new and old Siren code to  
the net.

The (2001) Squeak version 3.0 is at

and the latest (VW-based) Siren 7.7 source is at

In terms of the glue code, there's the old user primitives code in  
Squeak, and the DLLCC code in VW, which uses one dll per function area  
(audio, MIDI).

I'd love to hear how your port progresses...

ByTheWay, there's a mailing list for SqueakAudio; I'm cc'ing this note  
to it in case others want to get involved porting Siren to a newer  
version of Squeak.


    Stephen Travis Pope  -  Santa Barbara, California, USA  -

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Casey Ransberger <[hidden email]>
> Date: March 12, 2009 7:04:17 AM PDT
> To: Stephen Travis Pope <[hidden email]>
> Subject: Re: Siren, VisualWorks, Squeak
> Sorry it's taken so long for me to get back to you! I have inherited  
> a tangled mess of legacy code at work, and I've been busy doing  
> deprecation.
> I do not have the 3.0 release. I'm in the habit of using the latest  
> bits, even when they aren't stable or don't run on my platform of  
> choice:)
> So I've been making music with computers for several years, but most  
> of the software out there is geared more toward recording than  
> composition.
> Things I want out of life:
> - One musical thing as a function of another. It doesn't seem like  
> much, but right now it's the holy grail to me.
> - Rapidly make changes and hear them, even if what I'm hearing isn't  
> exactly the finished product.
> - Output of finished musical information to MIDI for integration  
> with other products.
> - Legible, concrete, and above all *literate* musical notation.  
> Smoke is really exciting to me.
> - Stretch goal: Render to a format that can be converted for  
> LilyPond to print as sheet music.
> There's a million other things I'd like to try, (stochastic clouds!)  
> but those are the key points. I have the problem of coming back six  
> months later to notes on a staff with little or no recollection of  
> where I was going with a piece, and having to do a lot of harmonic  
> analysis/etc over again to get myself back on track. I want code  
> comments in my music, basically.
> A fileout of your latest bits would be lovely. As far as the glue  
> code is concerned, are we talking one chunk to each external  
> library? I am not at all familiar with DLLCC.
> - C
> On Monday, March 02, 2009, at 12:19PM, "Stephen Travis Pope" <[hidden email]
> > wrote:
>> Hello there Casey!
>> Thanks for your note -- Siren is very much still alive in  
>> VisualWorks,
>> though I'm a bit slow at keeping the web site updated. I'd love to
>> collaborate on a back-port to Squeak!
>> Most of the code that's new is apps that use external C/C++
>> frameworks, which I connect to using the VisualWorks DLLCC interface,
>> and which could be ported to use the Squeak primitives API.
>> The graphics code is all based on a simple display-list framework  
>> that
>> hasn't changed since the old version that ran in Squeak 3.0.
>> Do you have the old (2001) Squeak 3.0 package of Siren?
>> I can easily mail you a current source code file, the bulk of which
>> should file-in to Squeak without issue. (For VisualWorks we use a
>> parcel/package format that's not portable.)
>> Do you have a specific application or application domain in mind?
>> stp
>> --
>>   Stephen Travis Pope  -  Santa Barbara, California, USA
>>  -
>> On Feb 27, 2009, at 8:48 PM, [hidden email] wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> My name is Casey. I had been on an Objective-C kick until a coworker
>>> put me onto Smalltalk. Now I don't think too much about C:) Anyhow,
>>> I have need (as a part of one of those company continuous
>>> improvement programs) of an open-source project to contribute to.
>>> I'm fascinated by Siren and thought I might try my hand at porting
>>> it back to Squeak, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't duplicating a
>>> lot of work that had already been done. Googling on it, I mostly
>>> find the Siren homepage and a couple of threads on Nabble. Are you
>>> aware of any further work in this area? In any event, thanks for
>>> giving us Siren, it's radical.

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