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Re:Firing Non Sqeak say windows desktop applications

Thanks for a quick reply..
Croquet does offer many things in its kitty..
But at some point we need to integrate non-squeak applications with it say in enterprise softwares. Many of them are not built using squeak. There comes the problem. VNC approach does solve that.
There would be propreitary software either for linux/windows, which are non squeak..

The baseline of your suggestion is fireup any desktop or any application through VNC. Insofar, for say binding two applications, one has to resort to say in linux sharedmemory/sockets/IPC mechanism to marshal in/out data from either. A middleware was necessary to carry out this adaptation.

But here we just initiate an application through VNC framework.
Doesnt this slowdown the performance on low end systems..So programmatically i dont have to do anything apart from accessing Embedded Framework...

Thanks for the inputs..