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Rob Van Pamel
No problem i'll try to explain it better.

What i am trying to do is the following. I am trying to create a 3D visualisation Tool for asset tracking for localisation via RFID tags.  I only have to do the visualisation part. Like you know I want to do this in Croquet. This visualisation tool will be based on information in a real time Database. In this information i find the x,y,z coordinates of the object that i have to visualize.

So I thought when i start my 'Croquet program' i will chech that database and place all the object at the right place. That part works fine. Now when somebody brings in an object into that room, the object will be added to the database. So I also have to add that object to my space. To check if there is a new object i execute a query and then i know wheter i have to add an object or not.

Now i want that my croquet program checks the database automatically. So i created a stepper(with delay and wait), which checks the database every 5 (or 10 )seconds. I've did that in a extra process because when i didn't did that the whole program was very slow. Now when i check the database and i find out that i have to add a object to my island it goes wrong. He adds the object but when i do a mouseover i get the TfarRef problem like i described above. Maybe there is another way to create that stepper. I know that i can do 'step:at' at an Tvehicle but since it doesn't exist yet i can't do that.

I hope you understand now what i am trying to do.
Many thanks