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Georg Heeg

Dear ESUG community,


The availability of gestures in Smalltalk reminded us of a presentation at ESUG many years ago.


Back in 2013, gesture control in VisualWorks has not been created and it is supported. Gesture control is used commercially by our customers successfully. The "gesture control" was developed in connection with our product "GH Presentation", for the presentation of videos, electronic book pages and other things needed in exhibitions. The integrated gesture support component is based on Windows api.


For those who are interested a few links to more information:  (English)äsentation (German)


Georg Heeg



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Hello hennie


I do not know but what they are doing is really advanced and most of their work is private for the french gov. 

And advanced gestures and tactil screens were not available back in 89 :)

What would be sad is that it would NOT be done in Pharo but in JS like or Java FX.

Don’t you think?


Of course it can be sad to see things that have been already done, redone. 

You see Pharo is not a proprietary system so sometimes we are forced to reinvent the wheel but this is an open-source wheel. :)


So we get sometimes feedback like it is already available in X or Z, but proprietary code is not available It does not exist except for paying clients. 

For us we even consider GNU licensed code as forbidden to stay clean. 

Pharo is following a pure and cristal clear MIT license, it means that people can take the code and do whatever they want, even contribute back or not. 


Do not hesitate to have fun with us because with Pharo we are really trying to push forward and let people 

invent what they want and change the world. 


You can discuss with us on




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