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Re: Helping with Conservancy's fundraiser?

David T. Lewis
Fellow Squeakers,

Squeak is, as most of you on this list will know, a proud member of the
Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC), so the note below caught my attention.

The Squeak community is always happy and grateful when people click the
attractive "Donate" button on, and any donation to
Squeak is also a vote of support for SFC. But you may also have friends
or family or wealthy employers who might be interested in supporting the
broader goals of the SFC, and if so this seems to be a good time to encourage
their support by visiting to make a

It is also worth visiting from time to time to
keep an eye on news and issues of interest to all of us.


On Wed, Feb 08, 2017 at 01:11:08PM -0500, Karen Sandler wrote:

> Hi project representatives!
> As some of you may know, we're in the process of fundraising for general
> conservancy donations - so we can raise extra money to help you! (The
> 10% from our member projects together doesn't fund more than one person
> + overhead, but our projects' needs are much more significant than that
> - we're in a constant dead run to get everything done with our lean
> staff of four.)
> An anonymous donor has challenged us to sign up 150 Supporters in just
> one week, which expires on Monday. We've had a slow start, but I'm
> confident that with your help we can do it!
> Please help us promote this by whatever means you are comfortable with.
> Things that our member projects have done in the past that have helped
> us immensely:
> * Using social media to draw attention to and promote the fundraiser
> * Posting an item on a relevant website, like reddit, hackernews or
> slashdot
> * Putting an announcement up on the project website
> * Posting on your project mailing list
> * Adding a banner to the project website
> * Writing blogposts (we could even include this on Conservancy's site)
> * Recording a short video saying why you support Conservancy and asking
> others to do the same.
> * Emailing parts of the project's community that might be receptive to
> the ask
> Anything you can do to help us amplify the message about this match
> would be so appreciated!
> thanks!!
> karen
> Karen M. Sandler
> Executive Director, Software Freedom Conservancy
> __________
> Become a Supporter today!