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Stéphane Ducasse
Thanks alex. 
We will have a look.

Did you see that your build is failing on the github page?


On 4 Feb 2020, at 20:17, Alexandre Bergel <[hidden email]> wrote:

TL;DR: Reviewing form for Roassal3:

Longer version:

Dear Community,

Right after ESUG 2019 we released a beta version of Roassal3, and we got many very constructive feedbacks from all over the World. We thank you for this. We really tried to improve Roassal3 and specially to provide a smooth and intuitive API to lower the entrance bar for Roassal3.

Now is time to enter a new reviewing phase. Our ultimate goal is to provide the visualization engine that the Pharo and Smalltalk communities deserve.

The GiHub page contains some information, including a small tutorial:
Additional tutorials will soon come.

You can install Roassal3 either from the catalog (just look for Roassal3), or execute the following instruction:

Metacello new
   baseline: ‘Roassal3’;
   repository: ‘github://ObjectProfile/Roassal3’;

Roassal3 comes with many examples. You should look for the package: Roassal3-Examples

We would like to end the reviewing page at the end of March 2020. A second edition of Agile Visualization will begin after March 31. Your comment will definitely have an impact on this new book.

Reviewers of Roassal3 will:
 - Have their name listed in Roassal3's website
 - Have their name listed in the new edition of Agile Visualization
 - Have a beer next time we meet at ESUG or at Annual Smalltalk meetup in Palo Alto
 - Make the Pharo community stronger, really.

Here is the google form to gather your feedback:

The Roassal3 development team
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Assistant: Julie Jonas 
FAX 03 59 57 78 50
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