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Re: Moose in upcoming VW release

Tudor Girba-2
Hi Niall,

Thanks for your mail. I won't have time to look into this until the  
second week of May.

Maybe someone else working on the VW Moose can take a look at that?


On 21 Apr 2010, at 15:51, Niall Ross wrote:

> Dear Tudor, Philipp et al,
>   we are approaching code freeze in the current VW release (after  
> which there will be a period of RC testing and the release will be  
> out in the second half of the year).  We're also interested in using  
> Moose to analyse the VW build.  We would therefore welcome a version  
> of Moose usable in already-released 7.7 (and in our latest builds,  
> but I suspect a 7.7-compatible Moose version will run in our latest  
> as well).
> The current latest version is loaded by MooseConfig 1.28 in the SCG  
> repository, which dates from 2008.  It loads OK but with 33  
> Undeclareds, some of which I'm sure just indicate prereqs needing  
> added to the config.  The main Moose tool then fails to open looking  
> for an icon selector (#horizontalDistribution20x20 missing from the  
> ToolbarIconLibrary, and the coverage tool is also looking for a  
> subspec) that may indicate a prereq (or might be a postLoad) required.
> I expect you could fix these things much more quickly than I, so  
> that the latest VW Moose runs in 7.7.  I'd be grateful if you would  
> have a look at it.  Meanwhile I will get you added to the VWDEV  
> program so you can see our latest builds, but I suspect that if you  
> fix whatever (probably trivial) stuff is needed to map from working  
> in VW7.6 to working in VW7.7 that will solve the problem.
> (If you find you need any explanation on 7.6-to-7.7 changes that  
> affect Moose' running, please post in VWNC and I or others can help.)
>         Thanking you in advance
>            Niall Ross


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