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Re: My First Experience With Amber And Smalltalk

Ian Ian

On Thursday, 23 November 2017 11:36:32 UTC-5, Herby wrote:
Ian Ian wrote:

> Hello,
> I have been interested in Smalltalk for quite sometime.  Beginning with
> my career in the mid 90's.  For some reason or another, likely corporate
> direction, I never got there.  However since I feel that as far as OOP
> goes there has never been any true advancement in this area.  Rather,
> the plugging in of object functionality into high-bred arguably
> functional languages.  Given circumstance, I am bighting the bullet and
> have chosen to learn small talk in many variants (which is shitty thing
> to have to do - why no standards or standard library).  Seems to me that
> the various smalltalk derived quasi-languages out there would only
> benefit themselves by agreeing to work together to create a standard set
> of libraries for this language offering.  All I can say is that it never
> ceases to amaze me how utterly ignorant and self-serving people are.
> Why do I sound a little bitter?
> Try this on for size:
> My very first experience with a smalltalk language derivative, where I
> went to, guess what, the tutorial.  The fucking this does not work.  Bye
> amber.  Dumbass fucks.

Bye Ian. Drink your poison yourself.


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