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David Faught
I tried to use Bert's Jasmine-based code for COpenGLPlayer in a Tweak
project in a current Hedgehog image by starting the Tweak project from
the Squeak World menu.  The following couple of lines in that code are
used to figure the correct bounds for the OpenGL-rendered rectangle:

                myRect := self globalBounds.
        self root ownerMorph ifNotNilDo: [:m |
                myRect := myRect translateBy: m innerBounds topLeft].
        myRect := myRect intersect: (0@0 extent: DisplayScreen actualScreenSize).

In the current environment using the simple EToysWorld, I cannot find
a direct way to get the CProjectMorph instance, which is what I think
the "self root ownerMorph" above gets.  I have tried "Processor
activeProcess ..." and "World ..." where the latter will at least get
me a list of submorphs to search through, but this is not very direct.

So, should I:
 (1) give up on this for the moment because this area is in flux,
 (2) try the "fill in the blank here" incantation for a more direct
result, although this may change at any time (that I update), or
 (3) go back to Jasmine for this particular experiment?

I'm guessing that some combination of 1 and 3 might be most
appropriate.  I have already reverted to using Jasmine for my
"learning about plugins with Orion's cloth physics simulation"

Any reasonable suggestions would be appreciated.

> I have thought about
> building a separate Tweak project-based OpenGL window (Bert provided
> some basic code for this a while ago) so that quicker, more direct
> interaction with the 3D scene could be used for something like a 3D
> modeling package.  Maybe this could actually be an expansion of the
> public/private separation of objects so that you could do model
> building in a local private 3D space and then easily share it with the
> public island.