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David Faught
Howard Stearns wrote:

>At the same time as the keyboard-driven avatar-movement, we also
>implemented "mouse look:" moving the mouse in the center of the
>screen did it's usual Croquet thing, but moving within a vertical
>band at the the left and right edges turned you to the left or
>right. (There were actually two vertical bands next to each other
>at each edge. The inner pair rotated slowly, the outer pair
>rotated fast.)
>Everyone hated it.
>But we never had time to study why. It might be as simple as the
>fact that we didn't have a visual indication of where the
>vertical bands were. E.g. a translucent grey overlay to identify
>the mouse-look region.

I could see this being a "human factors" kind of issue.  There are several variables that could probably be tweaked to improve the "feel" of this, such as the translucent overlay you describe, the overall width of each area, a graduated maybe cosine-interpolated turning speed, just the turning speeds chosen themselves, etc.  I still like this idea because it simplifies the overall interface for the user and allows a wider range of motion.

Who was "everyone?"  Maybe it's an inertia issue, "I've always done it this way!"