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Re:New MockTurtle package on CroquetSource

David Faught
Another possible next step would be the "everything is a turtle" idea.
Move the keyhandling and scripting to a more basic class like TFrame,
TMesh or a direct subclass, and then derive the BobsLines trails and
the turtle itself from that subclass. Trails with their own trails!
Even the avatar(s)!


I'm also thinking of starting a contest to see who can come up with
the best turtle script.  Any willing entrants, judges, or ideas
related to this contest??  Prize donations?

On 11/7/06, David Faught <[hidden email]> wrote:

> One possible next step for this project would be to replace the
> separate keystrokes and compiled scripts that MTurtle recognizes with
> a new interpreted language, maybe like a mini-Logo.  I am unsure how
> to design the interpreter process with respect to the local and island
> environments and the resulting impacts on local-to-island
> communications and user interactions.
> The current division of these operations is relatively simple and
> clear to me as a developer, but may be confusing to a user.
> Implementing a new interpreted language on this kind of infrastructure
> is a(nother) potentially large project that I am not sure I want to
> commit to.
> Any comments are welcome.