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Ben Coman
Mateusz Grotek wrote:
Ben Coman pisze:
Mateusz Grotek wrote:
Ben Coman pisze:
Mateusz Grotek wrote:
How to see the difference between two packages by using Monticello?
Do you mean two versions of the same package, or two different packages?

cheers -ben
Two versions of the same package
To compare versions A & B of a package...
1. In Monticello <Open> the repository
2. Select package version A
3. Click <History>
4. From the history, right-click on package version B
5. then click <view changes -> "package B">

If however package B is not in the history of package A, then I think you can 
only load package A, then select package B and click <Changes>

hope that is clear enough,
cheers -ben

Thank you, it worked!
Is it possible to document it somewhere?
Pharo By Example is probably a good place - if it isn't already. 
Cross-posting for history purposes.

cheers -ben

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