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Re: Non-Programmer's Guide to Current Croquet Functionality

nick hemsley
While I think it is early days for something like this, I would really
like to see/create this kind of system within croquet itself, I also
have a hard time finding out where & what, even though I have done
some programming in squeak & croquet. At the moment croquet is
evolving at quite a rate, but it seems the only ones doing the
'serious' development are the core team who dont have enough time to
document everything to a great degree.

Although I doubt I will get into this any time soon (work takes alot
of energy atm), I am interested in creating a kind of structured wiki
to leverage the collective knowledge forming around croquet. Something
that allows ad-hoc structure to develop
(wiki), but also guided walk-throughs within this ad-hoc structure to
ease the initial learning curve. Also the ability to leave functioning
demo's/code that people can look at & play with, without needing to
copy & pase a whole lot of code from some tutorial website.

Otherwise, have you looked at the DMU tutorials? while they might be a
bit over-the-top, there is alot of information there.


On 7/18/06, Greg Smith <[hidden email]> wrote:

> I've been reading everything and watching everything I can find,
> via the website and through searches on Google,
> regarding Croquet development and functionality.  Though
> what I have read is interesting, much of the information is
> directed toward those who are "in the know", which is to be
> expected since we are dealing with an SDK, anyway.
> I have an interest in assembling a series of informative videos
> for the Croquet non-programming developer and user, to help
> myself and any who care to follow along, get a comprehensive
> grasp on the entire spectrum of development that is available
> to those who wish to create Croquet content, (avatars,
> robots, environments and any other interactions which don't
> require programming).
> I realize nobody has had the time to provide these kinds of
> resources, but I was wondering if anyone would care to assist
> me in finding the information to put something like this together.
> There are so many people working on so many different aspects
> of this environment, that I believe the information may be
> "out there" but somewhat scattered about.  Specifically, do
> there exist any "how-to's" describing things like annotation
> creation, pop-up billboards, portal creation and
> customization, applying new .bvh animations to new avatar
> interactions, sensor creation, importing custom terrain and
> props, as well as importing .obj files that possess UV mapped
> textures that appears properly when imported into Poser?
> Any direction you can provide that points to any source for
> understanding these things, (hopefully for the non-programmer),
> would be greatly appreciated and would ultimately benefit
> the entire Croquet project.
> Thanks,
> Greg Smith