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Howard Stearns
[off topic]  Just curious: why would anyone "need a connection with a  
database", where it doesn't matter which one?
There's an implication here (ODBC, Mysql) that you need a quasi-
relational database,  but I can only think of one reason for using  
this kind of technology:  Legacy - which isn't the case here, because  
it doesn't matter which one you use.

I'm asking seriously. My department uses Oracle at great cost. I've  
been naively asking why and no one seems to know. [Actually, the  
answer seems to be "Because the state legislature told us we had  
to!"] I thought the original reason for such beasts was that if there  
was more data than can fit in memory, you needed a product that  
carefully managed a cache for pages retrieved from disk. But few  
databases are actually bigger than today's memory sizes, and networks  
are faster than disks, so for example, a distributed hash table  
should be faster for big data stores anyway.

On Sep 27, 2006, at 2:38 PM, Rob Van Pamel wrote:

> Hello
> I’m a student at the Erasmus in Belgium. For my thesis I am  
> creating a application in Croquet. For this application I need a  
> connection with a database. I would prefer Mysql but I doesn’t  
> matter which one. The problem is that I can’t find information how  
> I can connect from within croquet to a database. I found someone  
> who did it by using the hyperlink which calls a ASP page. But I  
> hope someone has some experience with it. I found a ODBC driver for  
> squeak but it doesn't 'file-in' in Croquet.
> Kind Regards
>   Rob Van Pamel
>   Student Master Electronics - ICT