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Re : OpenCroquet Update (I pushed update and stuff happened)

Paul Sheldon-2
There's a, to me as yet, inscrutable mcz suffixed list of objects being
built which I
suppose is the same as a packages.

These will be wrapped up into a version number according to allegations.
must be somesort of signoff with a collaboration. This stuff should
eventually blur
the line between user and programmers who sign off. There would be something

like mutual signoff.

We could decided to visit each other through the internet by sending a
postcard as
xml from a world with that information as a menu option. We would travel
with our
menus, so would launch with a world with menu and then find where we were at

when we went to other worlds and report through the chat mechanism.

We can already go to each other through the internet. It would be nice to
set up a
croquet constant ip (computer world) at yahoo but that might entail graphics

preamble bandwidth that would zero sum game with their other services.

I want to visit some kids I know in California without free Redlands library
it person
becoming afraid.

I think, first, I want to get the confidence that, with one other person
than myself on
a single wifi at Apple Store or home could jump rabbits across stargates
through the

Then, with that confidence, I would be motivated to do the openGL in squeak
build virtual worlds or make virtual world builders other than random
terrain menu
items. Waterworld allowed painting a 2D fish in 3D. The class browser would
one to see the syntax if one had some confidence. But playing alone reading
squeak instruction manuals and programming worlds only I could see would be

My local library has wifi and doesn't block Apple iChat with firewalls,
Redlands does.
To walk kids through, I'd like to interact faster than e mail and need a
chat. Chats
don't universally get firewalled, one might work through Redlands.

So, two guys : form a team with non-firewalled chat mechanism, postcard as
xml to
each other from two points of high speed access for "graphics preamble" and
at those points high speed graphics cards and tell me if it works.

We're all geeks, probably, so have this fear of not being picked for a team.
example, I am shy to ask will anyone let my rabbit jump onto your computer.
I got
in trouble in an internet cafe with that, ultimately when I asked a woman to
google croquet. I got out of trouble with much emotional literacy.

There's another guy I know with a mac and I have confidence with mac
installs. He
has easy opinions about what I want to try not working, but did show off his
phone to me with all its features. He, however, also finds fault with
battery lifetimes,
so I suspect he hasn't bought into wifi high speed access. I might not like
technology research with such an easy opinion fault finder. He'd abort my
even before they got some momentum. He's a "user" not apt to go out "into
dark" by himself a bit and probably not with me.