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Re: [Pharo-dev] [ANN] Iceberg v1.4.0

Pharo Smalltalk Users mailing list
On Wed, 7 Nov 2018 at 17:09, Cyril Ferlicot <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hello!
> This week we are releasing the version v1.4.0 of Iceberg.
> (
> This version is available in the latest Pharo 7.
> This release fixes a bug introduced in v1.3. It also add new features
> in the repository view, add some cleaning and also re-introduce a
> feature that was lost.
> Thanks to all contributors.
> Enjoy!
> Full changelog:
> Bugfixes
> #1068 'There is no associated repository configured.' warning on right
> clicking missing repository
> Features
> #1077 Repository view: Allow to collapse branches/remotes/tags trees
> #847 Move tags under remotes in Repository view

Ohh, those two are very nice.   I'm meant to be working on something
else but needed to try those out.
That long list of tags had been mildly annoying me for a while, but
not enough for me to get around to complaining about it.
Glad its fixed already.

> #1070 set upstream if missing
> Cleanups
> #1066 Pharo 7: PackageManifest subclasses should be packaged with "Manifest"
> #1015 Replace usages of Glamour in the Github Plugin
> #1063 1061-Introduce-iconNamed-in-IceDefinition-and-IceTipModel-and-remove-all-the-terrible-Smalltalk-ui-icons

Cool. I like the way the changes are reported and the semantic versioning.

cheers -ben