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Re: [Pharo-dev] [ANN] OSWinSubprocess a library to spawn Windows System processes



Julien Delplanque
Doctorant à l’Université de Lille
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Le 9 juil. 2019 à 08:43, ducasse <[hidden email]> a écrit :

It would be good to add this in the awesome documentation.


On 8 Jul 2019, at 20:44, Torsten Bergmann <[hidden email]> wrote:

Without having a deeper look I guess what was done for Windows now is wrapping the usual STARTUPINFO, CreateProcess()
functions and friends yet again ...

Such wrappers and many other native friends were created from my side already years ago with my "OS-XXX" series
of projects for different platforms:


So for instance on Windows you could easily use

 WinProcess createProcess: 'explorer.exe'


 WinProcess createAndWaitForProcess: 'cmd.exe'.

The projects are available on Github now since 2018 and kept up to date for recent Pharo versions.


All of them are available in Catalog.

I have no problem with more and more implementations and the double efforts. But for Pharo users I have the feeling
that it gets more and more confusing in the area of OSProcess, OSSubProcess, OSWinSubprocess, .... and more wrappers
for basically the same thing ...

Torsten (aka astares)