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I try to update (I have an old existing amber version) amber with:
npm install -g amber-cli

But version show me:
> amber version
Welcome to Amber CLI version 0.101.0 (Amber 0.18.5, NodeJS 4.4.7).

Amber is still in 0.18.5 !

During install, I see:
├─┬ amber-cli@0.101.0
├── amber@0.20.0

Why amber version don't show 0.20 ?


Le dimanche 12 novembre 2017 16:52:46 UTC+1, Herby a écrit :
Hi there!

I released version 0.29.0.

Mainly, things were reorganized / renamed in kernel. Compiled .js files
changed a bit because of that. OTOH, migration helpers (in form of JS
getters / setters spewing deprecation messages) are in place, so old
code from 0.18.x (maybe even 0.17.x) should load fine. OTOH, if you are
still in pre-0.20 Amber, it is advised to bump libraries to newest
version and recompile all your app code to new 0.20.x format. One way to
bump libs is described in
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" onmousedown="this.href=&#39;\\x26sa\x3dD\x26sntz\x3d1\x26usg\x3dAFQjCNGpVVkO3S7OlG-nkJfFUFhwHG6L5Q&#39;;return true;" onclick="this.href=&#39;\\x26sa\x3dD\x26sntz\x3d1\x26usg\x3dAFQjCNGpVVkO3S7OlG-nkJfFUFhwHG6L5Q&#39;;return true;"> To
recompile your code, you could either run `grunt` from your CLI if you
keep your `Gruntfile.js` up to date; or do `Compiler recompileAll` in
Workspace and after it finishes, commit all packages of your app (do not
commit libs / amber itself), then reload.


   npm -g install amber-cli

to be able to create new projects with `amber init` that use new version.

Remove bower_components directory and run `bower install` in your
project to update your 0.19.0-based projects.

More on the changes in:

   <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" onmousedown="this.href=&#39;\\x26sa\x3dD\x26sntz\x3d1\x26usg\x3dAFQjCNHL5FMr9CULIQJ9zYz89wOvv6Fd0A&#39;;return true;" onclick="this.href=&#39;\\x26sa\x3dD\x26sntz\x3d1\x26usg\x3dAFQjCNHL5FMr9CULIQJ9zYz89wOvv6Fd0A&#39;;return true;">
   <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" onmousedown="this.href=&#39;\\x26sa\x3dD\x26sntz\x3d1\x26usg\x3dAFQjCNGwHFSaNd9hKfKn1HAFQ6MWhIu89g&#39;;return true;" onclick="this.href=&#39;\\x26sa\x3dD\x26sntz\x3d1\x26usg\x3dAFQjCNGwHFSaNd9hKfKn1HAFQ6MWhIu89g&#39;;return true;">


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