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Re:Running Wisconsin Croquet Demo.

Howard Stearns
Hi Kiran,

I'm sorry that you're having problems.  The WiscWorlds do indeed work  
over a WAN connection to Wisconsin.  There are a number of things  
that could be going wrong.

1. Are you running Croquet stand-alone or through the Web browser  
plugin? If the latter, it starts by checking for updates (which  
certainly will be present in your first use). If there are updates  
that you don't have, it loads them and saves the image.  However, at  
that point you have to reload the browser page -- it cannot continue  
on its own.  (There's no blocking if you are current with respect to  

2. All the portals to other worlds are arranged right in front of you  
when you connect. If these have been left opened by other users, the  
system needs to get each open world before you start. Some of these  
can take a while, and getting all of them might be exceeding some  

I'm not sure what the long term fix for this is, but this morning  
(around 1pm Greenwich time)  I'll just reset everything to make sure  
that isn't the problem.

3. There has been no performance or robustness tuning.  Sometimes  
things break on my end. Try again after the reset.

4. Just accept the default login. (But you would have gotten an error  
if the problem was an incorrect login.)

On Jun 29, 2006, at 12:32 AM, Kiran wrote:

> Hi,
>     I downloaded as per instructions on 
> WiscWorlds/.
>     But, I was unable to load  the pages. It just stays at waiting  
> for connection...
>     FYI, i am trying to access from India. So does the demo support  
> WAN connection?
>    or am i missing anything?  Appreciate your inputs.
> Thanks & Rgds
> Kiran