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This looks like a major update with some very welcome features and improved UI.
Very welcome and thanks for the work!

One item I would like to see is a mention in the help on implications of upgrading from the existing
Pharo launcher. Bit nervous to install when I don't know what will become of existing configurations in the old one.
I am assuming that the new one is independent and will simply start off blank. It would be nice to have this tackled in the
documentation. Maybe a short section on "Moving your configurations / images from the old Launcher".

Great job!


18 April 2020 at 10:09
Great Job. It looks indeed nicer.

One suggestion would be to add the help contextually. I tried to look at. There is description of commands and SpLinkPresenter but don’t think it’s easy to add. I wanted to add the ling in the help description.

For instance, the one to create an image for template:

Any way of doing that ?



17 April 2020 at 18:08
Hi all,

Pharo Launcher 2.0 has just been released! It is available from

This new version introduces major changes:

Big thanks to all contributors, including issue reports. It is also the opportunity to thanks Damien Cassou, the original author of Pharo Launcher.

Here is the changelog:

The list of closed issue is too long (68) to be listed but you can browse it here:
Here are some highlights:

New features:

  • Documentation web site
  • Image initialisation script
  • Launch configurations, headless VM support
  • User template file in addition to the official template file
  • Jenkins server template now support pipeline projects
  • Support of private Jenkins server
  • Support of authenticated HTTP server


  • Monitoring of image launch failures to give back the error message (if any)
  • Newly created image is automatically selected in the image list
  • Allow to set image description at creation time
  • Better error management (you will have the choice to ignore them or debug them)
  • Add a poor version column in image list
  • Speedup (especially when image repository has a lot of images)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix use of system unzip on Windows

The Pharo team.

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Graham McLeod