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Chris Muller
Hi Rich, this is a reply to your Magma question posted
on the Seaside list so as not to intrude on the
Seaside discussions.

Magma is supported, so please feel free to ask any
questions you have here, I or someone will gladly help

> So I've looked at Magma. The problem is, it looks
> like Magma has had
> a few recent changes, and seems to be having
> problems.

Yes, there are recent changes and more are planned
soon.  What sort of problems are you having?

> I'm having
> trouble finding up-to-date documentation.  

All of the documentation is available on the Swiki and
has been updated within the last month.

Is there some page somewhere that has an older
code-example?  A reference would be most helpful.

> finally have it
> set up properly (though there is a strange enter
> password to unlock
> keychain/enter password to save keychain two-step
> dance I have to go
> through every time I start up the squeak image,
> which just feels
> wrong).

Ok, you have downloaded the latest 1.1 version which
includes the first security implementation.  The
"two-step dance" you refer to is required to ensure
the security of your database.  You are supposed to
insert your keychain-microdrive to get access to the

If you don't want security then you should turn it off
or use the 1.0 version which does not include
security.  The swiki has up-to-date documentation for
how to turn it off.  Please see:

under the heading "Muting Security".

> More importantly, the MagmaSession method
> connectAs: seems to
> have vanished (though  the magma seaside stuff (e.g.
> WAMagmaSession)
> still try to use it).

Ah, ok, the Magma Seaside demo is still based on 1.0.
In 1.0 there is no security, so the demo is able to
use #connectAs: aString.  In 1.1, a MagmaUser with
various credentials is supplied automatically.

I have updated the instructions for the "Magma and
Seaside" page to load "Magma1.0" instead of the newer
1.1 until we update the demo.  Sorry about that

> I've tried to fix it by using
> connect: (which
> did not work) and connect (no arguments). The second
> attempt worked,
> sort of. But when the web browser starts a new
> session it takes
> several seconds for the web page to load--which
> feels too long.

#connect is the right method.  The initial connection
is a known to be a bit slow (about 1-2 seconds) but
has an easy solution.  Just preallocate your next
session in a background process so it is ready to go.

> And,
> when I have multiple browsers/sessions open, they
> work fine at first,
> but eventually stop seeing each others changes. So
> something's not
> right.

Hard to know what the problem is here..  No one else
has reported this.  Can you offer more details?

> So, does anyone have a better recommendation for a
> database that I
> can move easily between Mac and PC? Or does anyone
> know a trick to
> getting the new version of Magma to work? Any
> suggestions are welcome.

If I may assist you with Magma, please let me know.