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Stephen Travis Pope

Wow -- thanks for the script, Arden!
I'm at a loss for the DNU, don't you have the method

SirenSession class>>initializeEventLists
        "Flush the class's event list dictionary."
        "SirenSession initializeEventLists"

        EventLists := Dictionary new.
        EventLists at: #Temp put: Dictionary new.
        ObjectMemory compactingGC

I'm attaching an updated version of your script that doesn't require the
pre-saved XML file.


   Stephen Travis Pope  --  Santa Barbara, California, USA

On May 29, 2007, at 9:48 PM, Arden Thomas wrote:

Hi Stephen;

Thanks for publishing Siren.

I created a script to auto-build a Siren image in VW7.5.

I found an additional needed prerequisite (GHTools.pcl), and a couple that
can be removed (Boss.pcl and XML.pcl, brought in by other parcels).

After it all loads, I get a dnu on #initializeEventLists,
in SirenSession class>>initialize

What am I missing?


        - Arden Thomas
        [hidden email]

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