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Janko Mivšek
Hi guys,

This is a thread from ESUG mailing list, important for Aida too:

Here is my recent post:

My opinion is, that we are good in CMS *as a framework*, but I doubt we
will ever be in CMS for end users. CMS as a framework means, that you
are building your customized solutions on top of it, and that CMS
functionality is usually only a tiny part of a whole solution. And we
are good in complex things, so having a Smalltalk CMS in this case is a
good thing.

That's at least how Scribo CMS is used and how it was actually born.
Scribo is namely an open sourced part of bigger commercial offering. I
prepared some classical public sites with Scribo as well and for me as
Smalltalker it was easy. But immediately when I started to explain
Scribo to others , I came to conclusion, that a lot more needs to be
done for Scribo to become a more end-user friendly.

To invest a time and resources in that, is it worth? That's my question
too. But so far I'm happy to use Scribo as a framework.


On 22. 03. 2011 11:27, Geert Claes wrote:

> Joachim Tuchel wrote:
>> ...
>> I'm afraid the idea of having to provide a killer app that will show the
>> world how cool Smalltalk is will not work. If the app is great, nobody
>> will ask: What's it made with? My blog is hosted on, and I
>> must admit I neither have an idea nor care what language it's written in.
>> My time is too limited to care.
> I disagree on this one.  There are a lot of similarities between
> Smallthought Systems/DabbleDB/Seaside/Squeak and 37Signals/Rails/Ruby where
> both have somehow kick-started a wider community who did care.
> Joachim Tuchel wrote:
>> But if we manage to make our Smalltalk environments a nice place to stay
>> at for programmers, we can probably attract more Smalltalkers.
> Agree

Janko Mivšek
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