Re: Squeak3D plugin [was Re: A new Squeak release]

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Re: Squeak3D plugin [was Re: A new Squeak release]

Stéphane Rollandin
> For reasons I don't understand the Squeak3D plugin (internal name
> B3DEnginePlugin & subclasses) is built only on build.linux32ARMv6, and
> as an external plugin.  Does anyone know how this came to be?
> I will try and build the Squeak3D plugin on Mac OS X in the Squeak VMs,
> and if it seems to work will commit that change.  Can someone please try
> and build on Win32 & Win64 and the other linux platforms?  It's bizarre
> that this has been left out.  Also should it be included in the Pharo
> VM, Esteban?


It would be nice to have Wonderland work again. I could resurrect an old
game of mine...